Mar 6, 2013

Zombicide! Painted Doug the Office Guy

Hello all,
Finally managed to get some free time and spent it painting one of my favourite characters from Zombicide!: Doug the Office Guy (or the Salaryman?, there seems to be some confusion...)

Doug the Office Guy Painted Zombicide Survivor

This guy is a spoof on Michael Douglas from the movie Falling Down, and is, like all the Zombicide Survivors, an excellent sculpt.

Doug the Office Guy Painted Zombicide Survivor
Really enjoy the small details that give these figures their character.

Doug the Office Guy Painted Zombicide Survivor

Pretty Quick paint job, used shading for all the black parts (my favourite method at the moment). Only major problem with painting Doug is his bloody, f')#)ing glasses... not easy.

Doug the Office Guy Painted Zombicide Survivor

Designer's note:

"On the plus side, no more TPS reports."
4 hour commutes, 12 hour days, uncooperative colleagues and unappreciative bosses are a thing of the past for Doug. Sure, dealing with zombies is a little stressful, but frankly quite a pleasant change from the daily grind. An Uzi in each hand helps in dealing with troublesome ex-colleagues and ex-bosses, most of whom Doug is pretty sure were already zombies before any of this anyway.


Good fun - if you happen to like the paintjob or be madly in love with me, please leave a comment or a tip :-). It really motivates all blogowners to keep blogging!

All the best,

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