Mar 4, 2013

Zombicide II Kickstarter funded in 2 minutes

Say what? Guillotine games launched their second Kickstarter for Zombicide Season II and it was funded (25.000$) in two minutes.. and has since gone ballistic.
I don't know how many stretch goals they had planned but fully funded and 29 days to go is going to require quite a few little presents.
You can follow the developments here
Personally, I'm still not quite decided whether or not to get in on the fun. It is an excellent game, the minis are great as well, but we've hardly played a third of the original missions and we ahve a ton of minis already. But the main problem is the amount of taxes that will be added when the Danish postal office gets their grubby little hands on my game. 25%? extra.
Maybe I should sell a few of the minis from the first game to finance the expansions :-).

Oh well,
The stretch goal that has so far gotten me the most excited is (not the extra dice - really?) the Dakota model - excellent concept!

Looking forward to the Zombivore sculpt and more stretch goals!

All the best,

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  1. Actually, they ship them from US to UK, clear taxes there, and then ship it to you. So the additional shipping on the kickstarter for packages to EU include import taxes. Shipping within the EU costs nothing extra, so you don't have to pay anything extra. Only your pledge and the KS shipping fee. ;)


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