Mar 19, 2013

Survivor Goth Amy Painted

Hello all,
Another Survivor painted! This time it is everyones favorite Goth Girl: Amy.

Curiously Amy reminded me that I havn't related that a year ago I gave a paper at a large conference about Jesus as a Zombie and Vampire in modern popculture :-). It was well received (well, at least I didn't get stoned by the audience) and was later put into print as part of a book published by the University of Copenhagen. Great fun - and a break from what I normally research.

Anyways, Amy called for a lot of colours that I didn't have - not much use for pink in historic armies - so a good friend let me use his old Games Workshop colours: Warlock Purple, Worm Purple, Titilating Pink, and Imperial Purple. Oh, what names they had back then :-).

Zombicide Survivor Paint Goth Amy
How to deal with Zombies - Katana Style
The face was so difficult to paint, and I made a right mess out of it, trying to apply make-up. Argh. had to create a diversion and thus added a decapitated zombie head to attract attention...
Apart from that, she looks fine from a few feet away and will add some colour to the board.

Zombicide Survivor Paint Goth Amy
Gore Splattering Beheading
Designer's note on Amy:

"No, I don’t want to explain why we need to loot the makeup store."
Amy was a goth girl who hated everything; from mindless consumerism to the pointlessness of daily existence. The world Amy despised so much has crumbled, but from it comes the promise of a fresh start and simpler times. Desperate zombie battles have sparked a will to live in Amy; but she still doesn’t feel comfortable without some white foundation on.

Zombicide Survivor Paint Goth Amy
Surprise Beheading from behind


All the best,

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