Jul 13, 2013

Zombicide!: Nick Walker (Bad Cop) Survivor and Zombivore

Hello all,
Another Zombivore and Survivor pair done. This time it is Nick Walker, the Bad Cop, who has had a very bad day.
Zombicide Nick Walker Bad Cop Zombivore Survivor Painted

Bruce Willis, sorry Nick Walker, is an easy paintjob, yet a very characteristic miniature and a pleasure to paint. The Zombivore version also paints itself more or less.
Interestingly there seems to be two types of Zombivores - those with pustules and those without. Zombivore Nick has none, and looks to be the most aggressive Zombievore - more like a werewolf than a zombie.

Zombicide Nick Walker Bad Cop Zombivore Survivor Painted

Designer's note on Nick the Cop:

"I do things by the book, my book!"
Lieutenant Nicholas Walker has sometimes been bad, and always been lucky. Corrupt and cocksure, Nick gets his man, anyway he can, even if it means doing things a normal cop wouldn’t do. Bluffing and bullying his way through the streets of New York, this highly decorated officer has put away hundreds of criminals and lined his pockets discreetly while he was at it.
Now, with no more crime and money meaningless, he desperately searches for his wife, rescuing and helping other survivors in the vain hope that someone has seen her.


• The best describing word for Nick is “reliable”. Enduring, fast and endowed with a versatile Skill tree, the bad cop has access to incredible career choices. From a game to another, he can be a silent killer, an officer or a high-class scout. Whatever the choices made, he’s a tough guy and can always endure the first wound he’s given. Besides the immediate gain of an increased endurance, this allows him to lock down the Abomination in the Zone he stands in and simply shrug off the damage it inflicts him every turn.
• Nick is ideally equipped with a ranged weapon in one hand and a melee weapon in the other. The Orange level Skill choice is crucial here. Slippery, he’ll go for a chainsaw and a Sub-MG. With an additional die in Combat, he’ll favor a rifle (or better, a sniper rifle) with an axe.
• Nick is a Swiss army knife who can block an access for some time. When playing in group, he’ll stand just in the corner of your eye, from where he can brutally change his strategy and give some help to an endangered friend. The priority is to quickly give Nick some good equipment: he’ll use it good and long.

Anyways, thanks for reading - if you found the post interesting then any comments or tips are greatly appreciated!
Until the next time; stay safe and prepare to slaughter Zombies!

All the best,

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