Mar 29, 2013

Free Zombicide scenario from Ravage Magazine

Hi all,
Apparently Guillotine Games has been busy doing a few scenarios for CMON's magazine called Ravage Magazine. In issues 4,5 and 6 (I think) there is one or two new missions that seem to be of good quality, although the one I've found a link to online seems pretty straigth forward and without any radical new thinking involved. Although the idea that cars can only use one Action Point each turn is a pretty good house rule to lessen the impact of cars on zombies (pun intended).
As CMON posted this link I guess it is okay to include the mission here to show the quality of the magazine:

Zombicide free scenario Ravage MAgazine Cars and Zombies Zombies and Cars - Ravage Scenario
Zombies and Cars - Ravage Scenario

Otherwise this link will take you to the relevant page:

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