Jan 2, 2013

Zombicide! Jogging Zombies (Painted Runners II)

Hello all,
Proof that exercise won't help you when the apocalypse comes a'knocking: more zombies, this time the remaining Runners. Zombies with double the speed of normal Walkers, these zombies will get their Brainzzz much faster and thereby spell the destruction of your Survivors:

These are, in my opinion, more intimidating than the other runners (posted here), yet remain disturbingly normal human beings: in their exercise clothing they look like they were having a nice jog in the park when "something" happened to them and they got a bit Brain-hungry.
Great minis - fingers are suffering from bad sculpting (?) but a large dab of blood will make that impossible to notice. No weird little detail on these minis, unfortunately.

Zombicide! Information:The zombies are divided into four classes; Walkers (your average slow moving, easy to kill zombie although they spawn by the million), Runners (quick and semi intelligent, most likely candidate to destroy your Survivor), Fatties (Huge bloated master zombies - hard to kill at first but halfway through the game you'll fear the runners more) and finally the Abomination (the super-zombie-tank-destroyer-type zombie).
In each tray there is two types of Runner (8 total), five different models of Walker (20 total) and one fatty (4 copies) so each tray holds 32 zombies, while the abomination gets his own little tray - he would probably just eat the other zombies otherwise. (So I got 96 zombies, two Abominations and nine survivors in the initial Kickstarter pack - that's a lot of zombies!).

Stay tuned for the rest of the zombies!

All the best,

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