Apr 30, 2013

Alternative Survivors and Zombies for Zombicide

Hello all,
Even though I have a stockpile of minis as tall as a very tall thing (and more coming shortly, according to the chaps at Guillotine Games the extra Survivors from the first Kickstarter will soon arrive) there are quite a few minis that I would love to buy and paint for future use in Zombicide.
Rather than forget about all of these I figured I would list them here, and who knows, perhaps Santa Claws will be generous :-).
The list is not that long at the moment, but it will be updated whenever I stumble across interesting minis.

Optional Survivors:
First on the list is this guy (although perhaps he should be listed as a zombie?):

Mr Jingles Survivor Zombie Comfy Chair Games

Mr. Jingles from Comfy Chair Games - hot damn I would love to paint that clown! At 8$ he is a bit pricy but is one of the most interesting minis I've seen in a long time.
Link: http://www.comfychairgames.com/pack.php?pack=18

Second on the list are these guys from Flying Frog Productions (brillaint name, btw):
I've no idea what they were intended to be used as but they scream survivor characters to me. And at 20$ for 12 miniatures they seem a great deal.Link: http://stores.homestead.com/FlyingFrogProductions/Detail.bok?no=15

Also this chap (who reminds me of someone...) would be a pleasure to paint:
Studio Miniatures Survivor optional Cole
He is called Cole by Studio Miniatures and priced at 3.99£.
Link: http://www.studiominiatures.com/shop/survivors.html

And, because the character screams awsomeness (and the mini looks good as well), Michelle from Hasslefree Miniatures:
Survivor optional alternative Zombicide Michelle zombie HAsslefree Miniatures
Somehwat pricey at £7, but then again you get 1.7 zombies as well :-). To be honest, most of Hasslefree's excellent miniatures would make perfect survivors. Sigh.
Link: http://hfminis.co.uk/shop?product=michelle-%26-zombies~smh012&category=miniatures~studio-zombies-%2F-survivors

Optional Zombies:
Although backers of Zombicide season one and two will probably never need more zombies, it doesn't hurt to dream, does it?
This group of plastic zombies have been begging me to buy them and paint them for a long time:
Sexy Zombie Vixens Wargames Factory Alternative Optional Zombicide hot plastic

The Zombie Vixens, produced by Wargames Factory, appear to be good quality and offer excellent conversion opportunities at only 20$ for 30 minis. Amazing price.

Link: http://wargamesfactory.com/webstore/dark-futures/zombie-vixens

And these Zombie Strippers from Reaper Minis
10$ for the three of them.

Ling: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Chronoscope/latest/50213#detail/50213_w_1

Thats it so far, if you have any suggestions please leave a comment and I'll be sure to include them in the list.

All the best,


  1. Great post! Those Growing Hunger survivors certainly look suitable, as would the set from the original Last Night on Earth game, but people need to be aware they're made of a bendy plastic that is very different from the Zombicide plastic minis. That being said, there are a lot of pictures (and tutorials) online showing they can be painted up a treat.

  2. Hello Christopher,
    Really glad you liked the post and thanks for the 'heads up' regarding the Growing Hunger minis. When you call them bendy - just how bendy do you mean? Will they bend enough that the paint will crack or are they just of a bit more weak sort of plastic?
    All the best and thanks for the comment,


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