Mar 27, 2013

Zombicide Survivor: El Cholo Painted

Hello all,
Another Survivor joins the fight in Technicolour :-). The last survivor of this batch was El Cholo. My favorite survivor by far. 

Zombicide Kickstarter El Cholo Survivor Zombivore Painted

Not the best hero in the game but the figure and the rules just shouts for the player to go 'El Cholo'-style and start chopping Zombies apart left and right. We have lost a few games because whoever plays El Cholo invariably starts going a bit mad :-)..
Zombicide Kickstarter El Cholo Survivor Zombivore Painted Nick Walker
El Cholo and Nick in action
All good fun - the figure was a bit difficult to paint, I really need better browns for leather etc. But all in all I think he turned out all right.

Zombicide Kickstarter El Cholo Survivor Zombivore Painted

El Cholo's Game Sheet:
Zombicide Kickstarter El Cholo Survivor Zombivore Painted Game Sheet

Heres the designer's note on El Cholo:
"I’m not angry, I’ll show you angry… Joder!"
No one seems to know this gruff latino’s real name but everyone calls him El Cholo.
Whether he minds, or even cares is unknown, El Cholo rarely speaks, preferring to let his twin machetes do the talking. A hardened farmhand or possibly an ex-cartel enforcer, putting Zombies down at close quarters is El Cholo's specialty, and damn! he's good at it. The survivors whisper stories of hopeless last stands and daring raids, and El Cholo walking out covered in (someone else's) blood.

• Starting with two machetes gives El Cholo a serious advantage over Zombies, including fatties. He goes straight to the fray and leaves his companions the opportunity to search for weapons. His melee skills improves over Danger Levels. From Orange level and on, he becomes a one-man army and counterbalance the machete low Dice value with extra Actions. El Cholo’s simple and heroic gameplay is great for every beginning player. No need to argue, he’s the tank.
• El Cholo is a machete ace. Since he begins with a pair of them, he doesn’t really need to Search. He doesn’t decline a Goalie Mmask, however, as it increases his already great survival abilities in hand-to-hand fighting. If he still possesses his machetes at Red level, he’s even able to chop down the Abomination... A Molotov? Who needs that anymore? If an equipment swap is needed, El Cholo is also great with a chainsaw and/or Sub MGs, providing you choose the matching Skills.
• El Cholo ain’t afraid to battle Zombie in close-combat but isn’t invulnerable. He has good synergies with shooters and those who quickly find equipment. His best friend will always be the sniper who’s able to shoot down lone targets (they hinder El Cholo) and quick opponents (they can charge him).

All the best,

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