Mar 5, 2013

Zombicide! All Kickstarter II Stretch Goals

Hello all,
Just thought I would (as much for later, as for immediate use) list all the extra stuff we will get from the current Kickstarter for the Zombicide! expansion.

So at the moment the kickstarter offers:

0a: 0k unlocked 1 new survivor: Brad the Crime Lord
0b: 0k unlocked 1 new zombivore: Brad
Note: a brilliant Dirty Harry concept. Excellent choice!
Kickstarter Zombicide Brad the crime lord dirty harry
Dirty Brad?

1: 150k unlocked 4 new Walker sculpts for Prison Outbreak
2: 175k unlocked 2 new Runner sculpts for Prison Outbreak
3: 200k unlocked 1 new Fatty sculpt for Prison Outbreak
4: 225k unlocked 1 new Abomination sculpt for Prison Outbreak
5: 250k unlocked 1 new survivor: Thaissa
6: 275k unlocked "special orange dice"
Note: useless, and unappetizing colour...
7: 300k unlocked 1 new Zombivore: Thaissa
Note: Thaissa looks great, will be a challenge to paint that dress...:
Thaissa Zombivore kickstarter survivor ZombicideThaissa Zombivore kickstarter survivor Zombicide

8: 325k unlocked 1 Skull Tracker (for both Prison and Toxic Mall)
9: 350k unlocked 1 new survivor: Kirk
10: 375k unlocked 1 skull to represent the "first player" in Toxic city
11: 400k unlocked 1 new Zombivore: Kirk
Note: Kirk is not my favorite so far... pretty meh.

Kirk Zombicide kickstarter zombivore survivor

12: 425k unlocked 4 additional toxic walkers
13: 450k unlocked 1 new survivor: Aunt Rose
14: 475k unlocked 4 additional berserker walkers
15: 500k unlocked 1 new Zombivore: Aunt Rose
Note: Aunt Rose is an excellent idea. Great job!
Aunt Rose Thaissa Zombivore kickstarter survivor Zombicide

16: 530k unlocked 1 new Zombivore: Dakota (if you've bought the survivor Dakota - 10$)
note: 530 instead of 525? getting greedy here.. and while the zombivore looks excellent - you will only get this stretch if you pay an additional 10$...although the catchphrase "terror in double d" was funny.
Dakota Thaissa Zombivore kickstarter survivor Zombicide
Terror in Double D
Dakota Thaissa Zombivore kickstarter survivor Zombicide
These mighty fine women be the Dakota and Leah in their Survivor and Zombivor states

17: 560k unlocked 2 additional toxic runners
18: 590k unlocked "special red dice"
Note: useless, but better colour than above..
19: 620k unlocked 8 additional walkers (apparently of a new sculpt?)
Note: really hope these are a new sculpt
20: 650k unlocked 4 additional runners (apparently of a new sculpt?).
21: 680k unlocked 1 new Zombivore: Fred the Trader (if you've bought the survivor Fred- 10$)
Zombicide Kickstarter Fred the trader survivor
22: 710k unlocked 2 additional berserker runners
23: 740k unlocked 2 additional fatties (new sculpt?)
24: 781.598 unlocks 6 Companion Dogs (new sculpts)
Note: Now that was a pleasant surprise, and well done by Guillotine to keep this a complete secret. Interesting rules as well. Looking forward to seeing the actual sculpts.

25: 815k unlocked 1 new Zombivore: Lea the Teenager (if you've bought the survivor Lea - 10$)
Zombicide Kickstarter Lea the Teenager
Still looks like Lindsay Lohan to me :-)

Zombicide Kickstarter Lea the Teenager

26: 850k unlocked 1 additional Toxic Fatty
27: 890k unlocked 3 (?) new cardboard cars
Note: really? 100k to get one more zombie and a few cardboard counters? Not impressed with the last two unlocks.
28: 925k unlocked 1 additional Berserker Fatty
Note: Meh, another single zombie. I understand the financial limitations, but three cardboard pieces and two zombies to cover 100k of stretches seems a bit underwhelming..
29: 960k unlocked 1 new Zombivore: Rick the Stuntman (if you've bought the survivor Rick - 10$)
30: 1000k unlocked 1 new Survivor: Ralph the Cowboy
Note: Seems ok - the art suggests two survivors that will look more or less identical, maybe not the best idea to release them straight after each other... Not my favourite survivors so far.

31: 1025k unlocked campaign(s ?) for Toxic Mall and Prison Outbreak
32: 1050k additional Toxic Abomination
33: 1080k unlocked 1 new Zombivore: Adriana the Shopgirl (if you've bought the survivor Adriana- 10$)
34: 1100k unlocked 1 new Zombivore: Ralph the Cowboy 
Adriana Survivor Zombicide Kickstarter ShopgirlWill Game designer Survivor Zombicide Kickstarter

35: 1125k unlocked Berserker Spawn Cards
36: 1150k unlocked 1 new Zombivore: Will the Game Designer (if you've bought the survivor Will - 10$)
37: 1175k unlocked Toxic Spawn Cards
38: 1200k unlocked additional Berserker Abomination
39: '1200k' unlocked 1 new survivor: Ross the Manager
40: 1240k unlocked additional Abomination
41: 1280k unlocked 1 new Zombivor: Ross the Manager
42: 1330k unlocked 1 new Survivor: Gary the Misfit

Survivor Zombicide Kickstarter Gary Misfit
Survivor Zombicide Kickstarter Ross Manager

43: 1375k unlocked 1 new Zombivore: Gary the Mistfit (if you've bought the survivor Gary - 10$)
44: 1400k unlocked additional Walk of the Dead 2 Spawn Cards
45: 1450k unlocked 1 new Zombivore: Helen the Federal Agent (if you've bought the survivor Helen- 10$)

46: 1500k unlocked 1 new Survivor: Achille the Serial Killer
47: '1525' unlocked 6 new Survivors and Zombivores (at 15$ per four figures): Uncle Honk, Butch, Padre Johnson, Bones, Angry Mary, and Red Cap Ben
47: 1550k unlocked 1 new Zombivore: Achille the Serial Killer
48: 1600k unlocked 1 new Survivor: Mack the Car Salesman(r)
49: 1675k unlocked 1 new Zombivore: Mack
50: 1750k unlocked 1 new Survivor: Chuck, Momma's Boy

51: 1825k unlocked 1 new Zombivore: Chuck
52: 1900k 'unlocked' the Moustache Pack: Don, Frank and Rob available as a single pack at 20$
53: 2000k unlocked 1 new Survivor and Zombivore: Smith, Dog of War 

54: 2100k unlocks 1 new Survivor and Zombivore: Mike the Miniature Sculptor

So far, getting in on the kickstarter will give you the following (if all targets are met):
Good guys:
11x new survivors (Brad, Thaissa, Kirk, Aunt Rose, Ralph, Gary, Achille, Mack, Chuck, Smith, and Mike)
11x new zombivores (Brad, Thaissa, Kirk, Aunt Rose, Ralph, Gary, Achille, Mack, Chuck, Smith, and Mike)
6x Companion Dogs

Bad guys:
8x Walkers
4x Berserker Walkers
4x Toxic Walkers
4x additional Runners
2x additional Toxic Runners
2x additional Berserker Runners
2x additional Fatties
1x additional Toxic Fatty
1x additional Berserker Fatty
1x additional Toxic Abomination
1x additional Berserker Abomination
1x additional Abomination (season 2)

Extra Stuff:
2x Skull trackers
2x new set of dice (red and orange)
1x First player skull
(and a new sculpt for a walker, runner, fatty, and abomination for Prison Outbreak).

And a Survivor / Zombivore version of Dakota, Fred, Lea, Rick, Adriana, Will, Ross, Gary, and  Helen if you pay an additional 10$ for each, the Moustache Pack at 20$ for 6 minis, or the Artist Packs: Uncle Honk, Butch, Padre Johnson, Bones, Angry Mary, and Red Cap Ben at 15$ for each pair (i.e. four figures for 15$)

So thats an extra 22 minis of survivors/zombivores (+18 for 90$, +6 for 20$ +12 for 45$), 6 dogs, 31 zombies and various bits and pieces. Total of free minis: 59 (+ 36 for 155$)

All the best,

Edit: Just thought I might list what is actually in the sets themselves, i.e. before the stretch goals :-):
Toxic City Mall and Prison Outbreak:
  • 4 mall-themed reversible game tiles 
  • 43 miniatures including 4 new survivors in their human and zombivor versions, 29 Toxic Zombies miniatures and the Zombivor versions of Season 1 survivors. 
  • 28 Equipment cards
  • Tokens to improve your missions, such as barricades and rubble coming in two sizes to block paths and maximize the tactical aspects of your missions.
  • New rules and game modes such as Zombivor rules, how to play dead, and Ultrared mode to reach superheroic levels and use the marvelous Ultrared weapons.
  • Expected MSRP - $50
  • 9 brand new, reversible, prison-themed, game tiles
  • 90 miniatures including 6 survivors in both their human and “zombivor” versions, with 78 zombies including berzerker zombies
  • New equipment cards such as baseball bats, shotguns, katana, concrete saws and even gunblades... 
  • Tokens to customize your missions: doors of various size, objectives, switches, barbwire, observation towers, and a security gate meant to rotate on the board to change the way you move around the prison corridors! 
  • Expected MSRP - $100
Thats a total of 133 miniatures and 20 zombie dogz, before the stretch goals...  

A grand total of 212 (+36 optional) figures - or a load of minis to paint :-)


Good fun - if you happen to agree, disagree or be madly in love with me, please leave a comment or a tip :-). It really motivates all blogowners to keep blogging!

All the best,


  1. I think Lea is a reference to Emma Stone's character of Wichita from the film Zombieland.

  2. Oh, she most certainly is. I was merely commenting that Lea also resembles that troublesome 'actress' as well :-).

    All the best,

  3. Something that just crossed my mind: What will they do if they follow the trend of releasing survivors before they release zombivors, and they don't meet the stretch goal for the Zombivor? So far the Zombivors have been released 50k after their survivor forms. Would CMoN and GG actually release a survivor without a Zombivor Mechanic?

  4. Also to have a conversation without the boards going on fire with flame wars, what is your opinion of the Stretch goal minis? I'm in the camp of people unhappy with Dakota's design, and Kirk's too. I understand what they are trying to say/reference, but I still think those characters are almost too farcical to be taken seriously. I can't think of any gaming group I have (I have 3 almost 4) that would play either of them. And that almost makes me feel like getting them would be a waste, even though I want them for completionist. I'm all for a little skin, the Blonde girl for Prison Outbreak is the one with the most skin (overall) and she still looks like a bamf tank I wouldn't mind playing with. What are your thoughts, just curious.

  5. Hi Connork!
    Great to hear your opinion on these issues. As for the problem of getting a survivor sans its zombivore, I don't think that will happen if Guillotine games are careful and time their stretches well.
    As for the minis, well I actually love the Dakota mini - for me this game is all about fun and the unrealistic aspect etc. And she is quite unrealistic and will be a pleasure to paint :-). I'm from Denmark and we have a pretty relaxed view on breasts etc so this wont be a problem in my game group, rather I think she will be popular! The only minis I find a bit boring are Kirk (meh) and the two new twins (Rick & Ralph). They are too 'normal' in my opinion and will be boring to paint, so unless they have fun rules they will not be on the 'popular survivor'-list here :-).
    All the best,
    Kasper (who had to look up what 'Bamf' meant, thanks :-)).

  6. You got The Dude and Gary and Ross mixed up! Gary is the freebie, Ross we gotta pay extra for.
    A not- H Lector is on the docket now! With Clairese! ;)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. We've long been inspired by urban art and have finally created a collection that pays homage to this secret addiction of ours!

  9. Hey, I just would like to ask where I can possibly buy the survivors cards and miniatures that are only exclusive to the kickstarter backers? The ones we are missing are the survivors you have posted in this blog. We got Lea though, but the others we don't have them.
    We really love playing Zombicide and we want to collect all survivors we can get. We just won an auction a few days ago and we got the survivors we've wanted from the first kickstarter of Zombicide.
    I would highly appreciate if you can help me find the survivors we are missing in our collection. Thank you so much for reading my post. Have a nice day guys!

  10. Some of the 2nd Season survivors have not been released yet. They will come out in a second wave early next year.


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