Jul 12, 2013

Zombicide season 2 shipping now!

Great news and I just managed to get all the minis from season one painted in time! More on that later....

Anyways the following is inluded in wave 1:

  • Prison Outbreak
  • Toxic City Mall
  • Zombicide Season 1
  • BOZ1 - Walk of the Dead
  • BOZ2 - Toxic Crowd
  • BOZ3 - Angry Zombies
  • BOZ4 - Walk of the Dead 2
  • All 3 Tile Packs
  • Fugitive pack (Red Dice, Orange Dice, extra zombies, Promo set 1 - Aunt Rose, Brad, Kirk, Ralph, Thaissa)
  • Skull trackers
  • Red Dice
  • Orange Dice
  • Glow in the Dark Dice
  • Zombie Dogz
  • Companion Dogs
  • Dakota
  • Lea
  • Adriana
  • Rick


  1. Your blog is coool but this posting is dated Jul12. It is now August 6. I have not seen anyone else declare this. I talked to CMON at Origins nad they said it would ship around GenCon.

  2. Howdy Skyking and thanks for the praise. Yes, this post was a bit premature - I got a note from CMON that they would be shipping and thought that meant 'now' a it turns out it meant things were beginning to be prepared etc. But the wave should be moving around the world right now, acording to the Zombiesdash.com forums.
    All the best,


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