May 16, 2014

The Fat Lady Singing Her Liebster Song...

Hello all,
So the Liebster thing is circulating like a virus. But a benevolent virus (if that makes any sense?). I received a nomination on my other blog early on but considered it ridiculous. But now, having read and enjoyed numerous responses to the chain letter-thingy, I have reconsidered and find it a brilliant way of getting to know other bloggers better. So it was with great pleasure that Sjeng from nominated this blog and thus gave me a second chance to divulge my secrets - thanks Sjeng! We both share a love for two of the best boardgames ever produced; Heroquest and Zombicide... wonder if Sjeng ever tried BloodBowl?

So as I understand it I have to let the world know 11 secrets about myself, answer 11 questions posed by Sjeng, and then nominate 11 new blogs. 
In order to keep it interesting (and divert your attention from my crappy "Danglish") I'll also be showing one of the latest zombies I've painted. It is one of the new fatties, a delightful fat lady - quite scary actually and she was a pleasure to paint.

Zombicide, Painted, Fatty, Zombie
Come and give mommy a kiss!

So eleven secrets?

1: I ponder each and every little detail. Everything. For instance, why eleven questions and not, say ten? In school the psychiatrist diagnosed me as manio-contemplative. I have since found out that he probably made the term up, but it seems fitting :-).

2: I recently finished, and successfully defended, my ph.d.-dissertation. This was the hardest thing I've ever done and it nearly killed me. I love researching (and I think secret #1 is a great asset for this) but spending on average 16 hours at my desk for a year, away from my family and hobbies, was slowly draining me of the will to live. 

3: I've taught seven classes at the University and have loved each and every second of it - but it has also scared the shit out of me. Trying to teach young, brilliant students stuff I hardly understand myself is really, really intimidating. They have been successful courses though - I hold the record for highest grade average and most students passing their exams (also the second place :-)). 

4: I really, really love teaching and the only reason I did my ph.d. was to enable me to get more classes.

5: Better find something not work related :-). I suffer from the heart-"disease" WPW (Wolff-Parkinsons-White). I have always thought the name was cool and had a were-wolfy sound to it :-).

6: I drink coffee by the buckets. I would rather have a gallon of mediocre hot coffee than one cup of fancy-pancy coffee.

7: I'm a really sloppy painter, thus no 'work-in-progress'- pictures from me. I'll paint quickly and without regard for where the paint is going, and then I'll have to spend a long time cleaning up the figures afterwards.

8: I've done more drugs than I care to think about. And more types than I can remember. Haven't done any for years, though.

9: I spent a year after high-school working in a coffee-shop in Amsterdam (see secret #8), squatting a hotel, fighting neo-nazis on the streets, and having a blast.

10: I spent another year in India working as a leather smith producing trinkets for the rich tourists at the Anjuna Market (see secret #8). I was forcefully thrown out of the country by the police for having overstayed my visa and only managed to get a couple of items with me. The best thing I made was a double-bag for a motorcycle, but the thing I really wish I had managed to secure was a backgammon board in leather which folded up into a small bag. I was really happy with how that turned out.

11: I think someone has continually watched over me (see secrets # 2, 8, 9, and 10). Considering what I've been through, I have never been badly hurt nor sick and for that I am really, really grateful today.

12: A bonus secret: I really miss my dad. He passed away very suddenly last year and I think about him everyday. Do me a favour - if your parents are still alive, please give them a call (or a visit) today and tell them you love them.

Zombicide, Painted, Fatty, Zombie

11 Questions from Sjeng:

1. What was your very first miniature? Did you paint it?
 My cousin got a copy of a Danish roleplaying game called "Drager og Dæmoner" ("Dragons and Demons") - a complete rip off of D&D - which he didn't appreciate. I, on the other hand, had suddenly discovered an entirely new world and loved it. With the game came a handful of really bad miniatures, but I found them brilliant. One of these was a Troll which I "painted" - I still have it somewhere (although it has been repainted several times since) - and the paintjob looked like something done with goo and dirt. I think I used Humbrol paint, but whatever type of paint it was, heavy layers were applied.

2. What's your favourite boardgame?
Difficult question - Zombicide (because I get to play it regularly), Heroquest (because I play it with the family), and Bloodbowl (still the best game ever made and I really love the campaign rules, but I never get to play it).
3. What's your favourite videogame?
I used to play numerous games but today I havn't played a real game in years - perhaps Clash of Clans on the Ipad, as I play it sometimes with my sons.

4. How much time do you spend on your hobbies?
There has been a long period of little or no time spent (see secret #2) but today I often use five hours a day painting miniatures, photographing, blogging, and reading other blogs.

5. What do you do for a living, and do you enjoy it?
I teach at a University, although at the moment I'm unemployed, busy applying for post doc.s.
6. If you had a superpower, what would it be?
Remembering everything I read. I hate how much brilliant knowledge I've forgotten.
7. What sort of movies do you watch?
Haven't been to a cinema for a long time - and rarely see anything on the TV. But I enjoy most genres - fantasy, humorous, historical, etc.

8. What sort of music do you listen to?
I've got 45 days worth of music on the computer and this will normally just shuffle all day. I enjoy most types (from classical music to heavy metal), but Johnny Cash holds a special place in my heart.
9. What's your favourite food?
Used to be bacon, but I find myself increasingly turning into a vegetarian. I do make a brilliant Stinging-Nettle Pie, that even the kids like - and it gives bragging rights in school that they eat Stinging-Nettles :-).
10. What's your greatest ambition?
I would really like to publish a monograph and to have it make a positive impact on the scholarly world. I've got a contract with a German publisher regarding my Ph.D., but I do not really think it will make a great impact on anything - apart from my CV :-). 

11. What your greatest regret?
The people I have mistreated - both in school and in later life. It took me far too long to realise that treating other people kindly is the only thing that matters in life.

Zombicide, Painted, Fatty, Zombie

So the only remaining thing is to nominate 11 new blogs and so spread the contagion. But I think I will do it a bit different and wait a year or so before doing this. This will allow the Liebster to survive and any new blogs created in the mean time to get nominated.

Thanks for reading - I hope it wasn't too boring!

All the best,


  1. Yes! You're the first one to actually follow up on my nominations :P
    I've never played bloodbowl. I have the pc game though from a bundle, but never played it either xD
    If you also love HQ, join the Olde Inn man! Fantastic forum. Enjoyed your article ;)

    1. Hi Sjeng - was fun to write. regarding Bloodbowl; the game is simply brilliant. The computer game on the other hand is so-so. The AI is so bad the only question is whether you will win 5-0 or 7-0... But the boardgame is just about the best one ever produced.
      All the best,

  2. Some interesting answers dude.

    1. It was really interesting to write them - perhaps I got a bit carried away :-).
      All the best,


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