Jul 24, 2013

40.000 hits! Zombie babes for everyone!

Hello all,
It appears that this wee blog has steadily over the course of the last four months climbed to more than 40.000 hits. That calls for a party, and our bold survivors have thus gathered all the hottest Zombie babes out there in order to spiffen up the party a bit :-).
Zombicide, babe, sexy, hot, zombie

Anyways, thanks for all your visits, comments, and interest - I hope you'll keep coming back and remember, there is always room for more followers and comments are dearly appreciated.

 Zombicide, babe, sexy, hot, zombie

Over the next month I'll be posting on how to solve the troublesome storage issue with more than 200 zombies, group shots of all the finished Zombies, Survivors, and Zombivores from Season One.

Zombicide, babe, sexy, hot, zombie
For some reason, these zombies look more like robots infected with a virus :-)

Al the best,

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