Jul 15, 2013

Zombicide!: Zombivore Dave the Geek

Hello all,
Another Zombivor joins the pack: Dave the Geek has had a really bad day - no more Baziiinga for him.

Zombicide Zombie Survivor Zombivor Dave the Geek Sheldon
Not the best of the season one survivors game play wise, as his special skill is so situational, but a brilliant miniature nonetheless. He has even kept his light saber, just in case he figures out how to use it :-).

As I found his survivor version to need a little something special for his t-shirt (the Green Lantern superhero sign) I had to replicate it for the yellow canary (so-called because his sculpt is so yellow before paint that it is almost impossible to discern any details :-)). I really wish I was a better painter, but hey he is done :-).

Zombicide Zobie Survivor Zombivor Dave the Geek Sheldon
The flames engulfing his right hand are nicely sculpted but the how-to of painting such a minute area of flames made me put him at the back of the que for some time. In the end I just decided to give it a try and it seems alright to me :-).

Zombicide Zobie Survivor Zombivor Dave the Geek Sheldon
The designer's brief on Dave reads:

"Yeah sure, take the shotgun if you want, I'll take the... AMMONIUM... NITRATE!"
As far as he remembers, Dave always found reality to be terribly boring. So he locked himself up in an imaginary world and learned piles of useless stuff... useless until now. Dave is a fount of knowledge. His chemistry mastery makes him look like a superhero amongst other survivors. At least until he opens this mouth, then everyone remembers he's a real geek.
Zombicide Zobie Survivor Zombivor Dave the Geek Sheldon

  • Blue / 2 cocktails are better than 1
  • Yellow / +1 Action
  • Orange A / +1 re-roll per turn
  • Orange B / Slippery
  • Red A / +1 to dice roll: Ranged
  • Red B / +1 die: Ranged
  • Red C / Lucky
Anyways, thanks for reading - if you found the post interesting then any comments or tips are greatly appreciated!
Until the next time; stay safe and prepare to slaughter Zombies!

All the best,

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