Jun 25, 2014

Berserker Walkers - Zombie Prison Guards

Hello all,

Still busy finishing papers for various conferences and the articles they spawn (got an interesting one on Pistis Sophia coming up, if anyone is interested :-)). So little - or rather, no painting happening, unfortunately.
I do still have a few miniatures painted that I havn't shown yet, so here are a few of the Berserker type of zombie walkers from Zombicide (of course).

Zombie, Walker, Zombicide, Berserker, painted

To be consistent, they have the same blue colour to mark them as berserkers. I think it works better on the inmates (see the two fatties here, for example) than it does on these guards.

Zombie, Walker, Zombicide, Berserker, painted

I felt obligated to paint them as American prison guards (according to my Google searches). Unfirtunately this does make them a bit muted and boring, but hey! their job is to be gunned down by our brave survivors so who cares, right? To be honest I felt a bit bored painting them and the finished models do, I think, show this to some extent.

Zombie, Walker, Zombicide, Berserker, painted

They are ok sculpts - not the most outstanding of the Prison Outbreak zombies but they serve their purpose. I'll return to them sometime in the future and spice up their bases a bit.

All the best,


  1. Nothing wrong with these dude. They look pretty sweet. I really like the uniforms.

  2. I think they look fine, you'v enothing to worry about here. I do agree though. They are probably some of the weaker models in the Zombicide range. I just painted some in exactly the same manner as the toxics and they came out looking a lot less interesting


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