Feb 21, 2013

Zombicide! Third Game: Car-crunching the Zombie Horde

Hello all,
Following the last, very unsuccessful, foray into the Zombie infested world our survivors regrouped and set out for a new mission. This time it would be the mission 06 The Escape. We chose this particular mission primarily becuase we wished to test out the rules for destroying zombies with cars. And we sure did chrunch the Zombie horde beneath our mighty wheels.

Zombicide! Killing Zombies with Cars rules
Zombicide! Car Chrunching Zombies
The game went well in the beginning; the mission revolves around searching for basic nesecities, stockpiling them inside one of the two cars and then getting the hell out of Dodge. We decided to head straight for the large building and start searching. On the way, we ramsacked the police car for weapons.
Although this provided most of the party with excellent weaponry, it also meant that all the cans of gasoline went into the used cards pile. This was rather unfortunate as it meant we would have little chance to produce the much needed Molotov Cocktails. As one of the survivor characters was Dave whose special rule (2 Cocktails are better than 1) means that he can produce two of these wonderful improvised grenades, there was much complaining and grinding of teeth.

Zombicide! gameplay using cars
An abomination decides to visit our Survivors
This did not improve when an Abomination did decide to turn up during one of the first turns, again!
So we decided to get sneaky.
One of the things we have learnt is that the Zombicide! rules allow for a somewhat controllable 'micro-management' of the Abomination. In the above situation, Dave (lower left corner) could entice the Abomination to come towards him for a couple of turns, before firing up the car and driving back around to the rest of the party. This meant that although we couldn't kill the beast, we could keep him under control for the majority of the game. So even though Dave's special ability was unusable, he effectively did remove the threat posed by the Abomination. 

Zombicide! gameplay using cars
Zombicide! Survivors seraching cars franticly
After a few turns, Dave made his escape and plowed through a horde of Zombies on his way back to regroup. This meant that he killed enough Walkers in a simple drive-by to gain enough experience toe nter the Orange zone, while most other survivors were still in the blue zone. This could get nasty....

Zombicide! gameplay using cars
During the following turns, we couldn't find the needed supplies, and the zombie horde kept getting closer. Amy had to go inside the building to keep the Abomination occupied. Brave girl, that Goth psycopath...
Meanwhile Doug and Dave were busy sniping the walkers and macheting the Fatties that came too close to our designated search party.
Zombicide! gameplay using cars
Zombicide! Car Chrunching Zombies!
And then, finally, we managed to locate the last bottles of water and blasted through the Zombie hordes in our two cars. Needless to say, very few zombies survived the experience and we made our escape succesfully. And we did so with no casualties. Not bad. And as always, much fun was had by all.

Regarding the Car rules of Zombicide! we are not completely sold. They are very powerful (at least against Walkers) and very quick. The entire problem of getting out of the mission was easy, as it only took a single turn of driving to exit the area (six tiles) and as such was almost too easy. And the cars did work very well in thinning the Zombie horde and killed most walkers on the way.
We'll give the cars a few more tries, and on larger maps and see if they work as intended.

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