Feb 4, 2013

Zombicide! Second Game - Abomination Problems

Hello all,
So we managed to get another game of the superb boardgame Zombicide! arranged. And once again, it was a blast even though things didn't go that well for our four survivors (Amy, Josh, Nick, and Phil).
The game mission was "05 Big W" and it looked pretty straight forward.
We decided our game plan would be to bust down a few doors and get a head start on the zombies.
Step one was quickly accomplished and everything looked sweet - a few walkers? Hah, we eat walkers for breakfast (or, wait, that would make us zombies, wouldn't it?). Anyways all looked good.

Zombicide! First turn and everything looks easy!
Well then it went bad. Really bad.
The first spawn of zombies, and what did we manage to draw? Well nothing less than a bleeding, terrifying Abomination. Thats right, first turn and there is a lumbering Abomination on the board.

Zombicide! First turn and an Abomination turns up....
 I must admit that I was arguing for a re-draw at this stage but my gaming compadres are more adventourous than me and we formulated a cunning plan - we would stall the beast for as long as possible while we searched as madmen for the ingredients of a Molotov Cocktail - the only thing that can bring the beast down.

Zombicide! And the Abomination brought friends...
 As if a first turn Abomination wasn't bad, he brought friends. A couple of fatties also turned up during the next few turns. And we couldn't find any of the needed ingredients. Things were looking bleak. Very bleak.

Zombicide! The Zombies start piling up while the heroes search for a Molotov Cocktail
 The next turns consisted in frantic searches while the Abomination and his friends came closer and closer.
When there was no further obtions, Amy volunteered to stay in the building and lure the Abomination even further in, while the other heroes would make a break for it and attempt to find the needed ingredients elsewhere... Brave Amy.
Zombicide! The brave survivors attempt to escape, while Amy faces the Abomination
 Led by Nick, who slaughtered multiple zombies with his machetes, the survivors made a succesful break out of the cursed building.
Unfortunately, Nick quickly went down when the zombies somehow got even hungrier (the walkers gained an extra turn, which meant Nick, even though he was tough, was Zombie-snack).

Zombicide! Nick is down, and the survivors are an endangered species...
 After several turns we finally managed to find and combine the ingredients and blew the abomination apart with a Molotov Cocktail.
Zombicide! The Abomination is finally killed with a Molotov Cocktail thrown by Amy
 But by this stage, the board was full of zombies, the three survivors were seperated, and what mustn't happen, happened: Another, equally, scary Abomination arrives.
Zombicide! Another Abomination lumbers onto the board
Our brave survivors now face insurmountable odds and each face cinematic ends of their own:
Amy manages to fight her way through hordes of zombies but in the end she is surrounded and eaten while screaming for help.
Zombicide! Amy is surrounded
But the only survivor, Josh, is face to face with an Abomination and although he destroys countless zombies, it is only a question of seconds before the horde arrives and pulls him apart...
Zombicide! Josh, the last survivor, seconds before he is eaten by the horde of zombies

 So, second game and everything went poorly - we must have had the worst possible draws during the first couple of rounds. The Abomination meant that we had to devote all available forces to searching for the Molotov ingredients, and thus we didn'øt even come close to finding all the objectives, or even begin to think about getting out.

And how did we judge the game experience based on this utter defeat? Well, to be honest, we loved it! Everyone had a blast and the cinematic moments were multiple.

This game rocks, even when you're losing. Thats a pretty good recommendation!.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed reading about our game (if you did feel free to say so in comment or leave a tip for the blogowner :-)), as we played another immediately there'll be another report up soonish...

All the best,



  1. This is exactly why I love this game. Even when everything goes tits up and you all know you're fucked, everyone has a blast playing.

    The abomination is a bloody nuisance and changes the way you plan all your next moves, but improves ones tactics no end.

  2. Lintilla, I fully agree. An early Abomination will give you a pretty serious crash course in the tactics of delaying and circumventing zombies :-)


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