Feb 6, 2013

Zombicide! New Miniatures!

Hello all,
Guillotine Games are spoiling us with spoilers (.-)) of the new expansion to Zombicide!, Toxic Mall.
This time they've showed some more new miniatures. the level of detail is great and they look better than the original minis:
New Zombicide figures: Ned, Elsa, walker, Amy, and a toxic zombie

It appears to be Zombivor Ned,  a new character called Elsa, Walker Zombie, Zombivore Amy, and a toxic Walker.

Ned and Amy loook suitable angry, while Elsa looks like a pleasure to paint! The walker is more Zombie-like than the previous. The only one I'm not too sure about is the toxic zombie walker - does look a bit weird...

Not bad Guillotine, not bad at all!

All the best,

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