Feb 5, 2013

Zombicide! New Rules for Toxic Mall!

Hello all,
In anticipation of the upcoming 'Toxic Mall', Guillotine Games has been showering us with new images. They've also (as the nice chaps they are) provided a few pages from the new rulebook.

Zombicide! New Rules for Toxic Mall
Pages 4 to 5 details the new toxic Zombies.
Introducing Pa's Pistol (only fair he gets one when there is the Ma's version :-)).
Now the nasty feature of the Toxic Zombies is that they have an ability called Toxic spray. This causes one wound on survivors when they are killed in the same zone. Very Nasty! Will make helping swarmed players much more difficult.
Zombicide! New Rules for Toxic Mall
Pages 6 to 7 has information on the toxic Abomination and Zombivores - zombie survivors...
Apparently the Zobivore characters - undead survivors, but with a free will - are tougher than normal (taking five wound cards to kill) but slower.
Toxic zombies are targeted before normal zombies.
Apparently the Toxic Abomination turns all zombies in its zone into toxic zombies. Bad news!
Not bad, click to enlarge and study the rules.

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