Aug 14, 2014

Hot Zombie Love - disturbing evidence from the destroyed city

Hello all,
In the grim, dark, apocalyptic future of Zombicide there is only love?!?
A shocked survivor sent these pictures in to the local survivor head quarters and they may reveal a disturbing development in the zombie-strain:

Zombicide, Zombie, love, hot, fatty, fun

It appears to depict a somewhat obese blond zombie walking through the destroyed streets with her (its?) new boyfriend.

Zombicide, Zombie, love, hot, fatty, fun

A most disturbing development indeed!

All the best,


  1. Hola
    Que buenas minis,me gustan
    un saludo

  2. Imagine the squelching noises! Lol.

  3. Given how clean those two are, they may just be survivors who have had rough, rough lives and not zombies at all. I mean, they look like extras from "Here Comes Honey BooBoo."

  4. Good stuff! Check out my collection here:

  5. Great Paintjob. Would you share what kind of wash you used for the skin and cloth? Cheers


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