Jul 15, 2014

Spontaneous Zombicide with the boys! Zombie Link is Extraordinaire!

Hello all,
There are few things my two sons (9&6) wants more than to play Zombicide. And who am I to refuse them when there is time? Yesterday there was time and we had a blast! We didn't use any missions as I wanted to test the flexibility of the game - I choose six boards more or less randomly, placed some doors and three objects to be claimed. These objects were three of the small children I've painted from Hasselfree - more fun than the "x-marks-the-spot"-counters.
As only two players would participate (the youngest prefers to be the children to be rescued) we began with a single spawn zone and decided a few more would be added once the children were freed (children make a lot of noise, you know :-)).

Zombicide, game, play, report, AAr, Achille, Dave, zombies,

The youngest shuffled the characters and we received Dave the Geek (an ok character, but nothing special) and my son got to play the serial murderer, Achille the Serial Killer (hmmm, not sure about that, but he was thrilled).

The game all set (took 15 minutes, not bad) we began - although I'm not sure why Achille would decide to rescue children, the possible answers are a bit scary :-).

First building was cleared quickly using the basic weapons.
Zombicide, game, play, report, AAr, Achille, Dave, zombies,

For some reason Achille seemed to draw the children to him...

On to the next building, now Achille had found an Assault Rifle (one of the best weapons, in my opinion). He quickly killed the zombies (again) and one more child was rescued.

Zombicide, game, play, report, AAr, Achille, Dave, zombies,

The boys felt we were doing great!

Zombicide, game, play, report, AAr, Achille, Dave, zombies,

On to the next building - Dave had found a Concrete Saw and an Automatic Shotgun - armed to the teeth the zombies had little chance at this stage, but we were rapidly approaching Orange...

Achille had collected the last kid and then the first Abomination entered our part of the city.

Luckily, Dave's concrete saw was up tot he task and the big guy was chopped into little, crawly pieces.

The mission all done, we headed for the exit and quickly departed, bringing the three children to safety.
We learnt some new things: 
1) the game is really easy to improvise with. Out mission was a spur of the moment thing but worked really well. Once the basics have been learned there are endless possibilities for fun! 
2) Achlles' skill - Zombie Link - looks a bit week, but in this game it saved our lives and I would judge it to be one of the best skills. He gets a free turn whenever a "extra activation" card is drawn. These are actually what we fear the most - I'd rather have six dogs enter than an extra activation. These are the real killers of a well situated and prepared survivor group and having a player who gets a free turn to remove the dangers, before they can kill you, is amazing. Perhaps this was an exceptional game (three extra activations were played) but I'll never be disappointed seeing a character with this skill in the game!

All the best,


  1. Great report Kasper, I'm looking forward to getting a game this weekend.

  2. Nice report Kasper. Zombicide breaks out in the bunker several times a week. The family that slays together stays together.

  3. Don't forget that Zombie Link also activates when you run out of a specific zombie type and can't spawn any more. I do agree that it's one of the less useful skills, but it's still pretty handy.

    Dave went hand to hand with a Toxic abomination and didn't die from the exposion? I take it he wasn't wounded at all before hand?

  4. Hey Kasper, love the blog. I'm also a huge fan of Zombicide.

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    Kind regards


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