Oct 3, 2013

Hasslefree Alternative Survivors: Bob, Zombie Suzi, and Felicity - pre-paint-preparations

Hello all,
Just a quick shot of some of the Hasslefree miniatures I've bought recently in their unpainted state.
You've already seen Mad Bob painted and Felicity and Zombie Suzy will be up shortly.

Hasslefree, Suzy, Zombie, Survivor, Mad, Bob, Felicity
Great minis one and all!
Hasslefree, Miniatures, Suzy, Zombie, Survivor, Mad, Bob, Felicity

Anyways, thanks for reading - if you found the post interesting then any comments or tips (commercial clicks :-)) are greatly appreciated!
Until the next time; stay safe and prepare to slaughter Zombies!
All the best,
You mig


  1. Looking forward to seeing what you do with these. Felicity was great fun to paint.

  2. Hi Michael - Yup, Felicity is one of the best sculpts I've ever had the pleasure of painting. She is finished and will be up in a few days time.
    All the best,


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