May 9, 2014

Aargh! 24 New Survivors and Zombivores arrived today...

Hello all,

Just when I thought the pile of unpainted survivors was becoming manageable, 24 new ones arrive at my doorstep.

Fred the Trader, Helen the Federal Agent, Will the Game Designer, Ross the Manager,  Rob the Security Agent, Don the Civil Servant, Frank the Repo Man,  Mack the Car Salesman, Chuck Momma's Boy, Gary the Misfit, Achille the Serial Killer

A veritable army of 'good guys'!

And with them, my box of unpainted plastic is suddenly quite full...

Oh dear, at least they are brilliant sculpts.

First up are the promo survivors:

 Ross the Manager and Will the Game Designer - both come with their own special equipment cards. I really like that, shows a degree of love for the game from the designers.

Next is Helen the Federal Agent (perhaps one of the best sculpts so far by Guillotine Games!) and Fred the Trader:

Then there is the Moustache Pack - great sculpts and really looking forward to painting not-John Cleese:
 Rob the Security Agent, Don the Civil Servant, and Frank the Repo Man

 Next up are the content of the large "Set #3" survivors and Zombivors pack:

 Mack the Car Salesman, Chuck Momma's Boy (brilliant sculpt) and Gary the Misfit (who seems a bit soft in the details?).

And the last two (as I forgot to snap a picture of Achille the Serial Killer) are Smith Dog of War and Mike the Miniature Sculptor:

 Zombies beware!

 I really need to get painting...

All the best,


  1. I got my batch of survivors and zombivores this week as well. There really are some great characters amongst them. Good luck in painting them all.

  2. You lucky man. Some excellent characters there. Get painting dude!

  3. I received them as well last week! Glad I bought them all ^^
    You've been awarded!!


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