Sep 30, 2013

Alternative Survivors: Hasslefree's Bob the Mad

Hello all,
I recently had the pleasure of painting a large group of Hasslefree minis. I must re-state that these are some of the best sculpts I have ever had the pleasure of painting. This one, Bob, although not by Kev White, is so much fun to paint that he jumped ahead in the painting que:

Hasslefree, zombicide, survivor, alternative, Bob, HFH056, painted

Great fun - a real psycho - not sure whether he will work with the other zombie survivors or against them...
Almost looks like he is dancing through his mad killing spree.

Hasslefree, zombicide, survivor, alternative, Bob, HFH056, painted

The blurp on Hasslefree's homepage state the following:

Adult male knife-wielding asylum maniac is a perfect 'mad killer' or 'loony' figure for a game. The pose and facial expressions are excellent and you can see him poised behind someone or hiding around a corner just waiting to chop off their heads
Michael Brand

Anyways, thanks for reading - if you found the post interesting then any comments or tips (commercial clicks :-)) are greatly appreciated!
Until the next time; stay safe and prepare to slaughter Zombies!
All the best,


  1. I don't think I'd seen that one before - now on the wish list! Great job Sir.

    1. Howdy Michael,
      Thanks and make sure you get one - you'll be laughing maliciously while painting him :-).
      All the best,


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