Jun 14, 2013

Zombicide: Painted Wanda the Waitress Survivor

Hello all,
Sweet Wanda to the Rescue!

How could anyone not love Wanda - sweet, delicate, and carrying a chainsaw while roller-skating :-).

The model has a greats ense of movement, but is really marred by multiple moldlines. and these are int he worst possible locations; i.e. face and hair. I gave up on removing most of them, but wish I had. She turned out ok, but will have to go back and give her some eyes, but her face is so small...

Zombicide Survivor painted Wanda Waitress
Designer's note on Wanda:
"Hands off, or I chop them off!"
Wanda served burgers and beer at the local drive-in. The zombie apocalypse hasn’t changed her routine much; she still has to dodge grabby hands, scoot around on rollerskates and firmly reject inappropriate advances. The new chainsaw is a perk though.

Zombicide Survivor painted Wanda Waitress
To make her a bit more gruesome I've added two zombie heads and a hand - recently chopped of by Wanda.

  • Blue / 2 Zones per Move Action
  • Yellow / +1 Action
  • Orange A / Slippery
  • Orange B / +1 to dice roll: Melee
  • Red A / +1 dice: Combat
  • Red B / +1 free Move Action
  • Red C / +1 Zone per Move

Older pictures, poor indoor lighting - might be of use to someone :-).

Anyways, thanks for reading - if you found the post interesting then any comments or tips are greatly appreciated!
Until the next time; stay safe and prepare to slaughter Zombies!

All the best,

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