Jun 26, 2013

35.000 hits! Thanks, Zombie-Lovers!

Howdy Folks,
Just noticed that the hit-counter has passed 35.000 hits on this little Zombie-blog. All in only a few months!
I really appreciate all your visits, it is what makes blogging fun.

 The top scoring blog posts have definately been:





There was a significant increase in visitors during the Kickstarter Season II of Zombicide, which was really fun.

In the very near future there will be more pictures of painted Zombies, Hasslefree survivors, and I've solved the problem of storing two hundred zombies! All to come in the next months so be sure to subscribe so you won't miss out :-).

Thanks for frequenting my blog, and, as always, comments, critique, and add-hits are really appreciated :-).

All the best,

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