Dec 7, 2012

Zombicide! Wall Street Zombie (Painted Walkers I)

Hello all,
Finally had some sun in Denmark so I could get some half good pictures taken as my entire photo-setup has gone missing.
Anyways, I've managed to paint more than a tray of the Zombies that came with the brilliant game (Zombicide) and thought I would show what I did with them and share my thoughts on the quality of the minis. Bear in mind that you do get a shit load of figures with the game so my expectations were not that high before I got my hands on the game.

The zombies are divided into four classes; Walkers (your average slow moving, easy to kill zombie although they spawn by the million), Runners (quick and semi intelligent, most likely candidate to destroy your Survivor), Fatties (Huge bloated master zombies - hard to kill at first but halfway through the game you'll fear the runners more) and finally the Abomination (the super-zombie-tank-destroyer-thingie).
In each tray there is two types of Runner (8 total), five different models of Walker (20 total) and one fatty (4 copies) so each tray holds 32 zombies, while the abomination gets his own little tray - he would probably just eat the other zombies otherwise. (So I got 96 zombies, two Abominations and nine survivors in the initial Kickstarter pack - that's a lot of zombies!).

The first type is the Walker: Type 1 (aka "the Business Man):

I've included a 10mm crossbowman just to scale reference the Zombie...

So, to begin with these Zombies represents the first large batch of 28mm models that I have painted in a long, long time. This meant I had to re-think how to do stuff that once came automatic. But I decided this first batch would be a good place to relearn and so tried different methods. On these I used washes to paint their business attires and think that went ok. Remember these have been photographed in sun light so they look much better in real life - a lot more scary at least.
The blood was that great stuff made by Tamira - continues to look like fresh blood even when dried and great fun to dap, paint, and blob onto the zombies.
I should probably do something about their eyes.

Verdict on the mini:
Pros: Great fun to paint, good clear details, looks quite scary in a shuffling Zombie like way, realistic model
Cons: Not really any - it is subdued enough that with a bit of variance you don't really notice that its the same model coming to kill you.

Stay tuned for the rest of the zombies!

All the best,

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