Dec 7, 2012

Zombicide! Sexy Ladies of the Night (Painted Walkers II)

Hello all,
The second type of Walker from the game Zombicide had me confused for some time. Was she a classy lady or a member of that unfortunate part of humanity who makes a living by walking along the streets at night. If so, she would naturally have been an easy target for the first zombies.

 She seems to half way between classy and trampy - but quite scary - look at the 10mm crossbowman hiding behind his shield...

Verdict on the mini:
Pros: Great fun to paint, some clear details, looks quite scary due to mixed signals.
Cons: I have a few problems with this model. Some with the figure itself, e.g. the hands are terrible - unless they are supposed to represent half-eaten fingers. In addition, the necklace seems a bit out of place and halfdone. A second issue is that she is so distinct - even with different colour schemes she sticks out amongst the shuffling horde and is the first one where you go "oh, its the same miniature repeated over and over". Which is a shame.
But all in all it is still a good mini, fun to paint - and having painted only Skaven and 10mm historicals for some twenty years it was quite fun to paint panties for once :-).

The zombies are divided into four classes; Walkers (your average slow moving, easy to kill zombie although they spawn by the million), Runners (quick and semi intelligent, most likely candidate to destroy your Survivor), Fatties (Huge bloated master zombies - hard to kill at first but halfway through the game you'll fear the runners more) and finally the Abomination (the super-zombie-tank-destroyer-thingie).
In each tray there is two types of Runner (8 total), five different models of Walker (20 total) and one fatty (4 copies) so each tray holds 32 zombies, while the abomination gets his own little tray - he would probably just eat the other zombies otherwise. (So I got 96 zombies, two Abominations and nine survivors in the initial Kickstarter pack - that's a lot of zombies!).

Stay tuned for the rest of the zombies!

All the best,

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