Apr 18, 2014

Underboob + Miniskirt = the perfect Zombie-hunter?

Hello all,
So having painted two of the least dressed survivors - and their zombivore versions - I figured I would present a side-by-side view of the ladies. The two are Dakota "Underboob" (more pictures here) and Lea "Miniskirt" (pictures here) and the interesting thing is how the two sets are a mirrored version of each other:

Zombicide, Lea, Teenager, Survivor, Zombivore, Zombievore, painted, Underboob, Miniskirt, Dakota, Convict, Pamela, Anderson, Barb, Wire, Wichita, Lea, Teenager, Miniskirt, Underboob

Note how the survivor Dakota is a mirror of Zombivore Lea, and vice versa for Zombivore Dakota and Survivor Lea - at least in the way their legs are positioned. Quite interesting.

Very nice minis to paint, and although they are a 'bit' underdressed they are part of a fun game and thus isn't something that I have a problem with - will be fun to use them in their painted versions next time we get a game going.

I'll have some pictures of them with gore and blood up sometime next week.

All the best,


  1. Interesting observation Kasper. Quite a lot of the zombies in season 1 share legs or are conversions.

  2. They certainly look like a cracking team and a very interesting observation.


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