Apr 25, 2014

Horrible Zombie-Slaying Monster Detected

Hello all,
Good News! It appears the forces of good - the ever troubled survivors of Zombicide - have been sent supernatural help!
During a recent zombie incursion a great beast ascended from above and began destroying zombies left and right! Local survivors only managed to get the following pictures of the beast, but even from these hastily snapped pictures it is clear that the beast is a formidable opponent:

The beast soon killed the zombies (apparently, by knocking them downinto the abyss) and all survivors will in the future pray that it re-appears in their part of town!

Seriously, I would kill that cat for scratching my zombies if it wasn't so damn cute. Clever creatures these cats...

All the best,


  1. It would indeed be a shame if such fine paintwork were to be scratched.

  2. I'm firmly on the side of the cat. Cats are great and you're right, Kasper, he is sooooooo cute!

  3. Hola
    Que buenos esas minis y el gran tigre...o gato jajaja a por sus presas


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