Mar 18, 2014

Zombicide: Zombie Dogz - Growling Apocalyptic Puppies! C

Hello all,
Another couple of undead dogs. They belong to a pack of scary, lightning fast Zombie Dogs (or Dogz, as Guillotine insist on naming them). The rest of the pack will be featured over the next week.

They are sold in a pack of 20 beasts, with cards in several languages and a copy of the rules for these undead dogs. If you haven't got the rules (basicly they are superfast zombies) the rules for these fast and furious doggies can be read for free here.

Zombicide, zombie, dogz, dog, painted

The one on the left is my favourite of the bunch. looks suitably growling.

Zombicide, zombie, dogz, dog, painted
Guillotine Games describe the dogs like this: Ever wonder where all the dogs went? Well, now you know the answer. Eating infected cadavers turned them into the most feral zombies imaginable. They roam the streets in wild packs and can easily run down any prey. This box contains Zombie Dogz for the Zombicide board game, ready to stalk and shred any survivors unlucky enough to cross their path!

Zombicide, zombie, dogz, dog, painted

All the best,


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