Apr 3, 2013

Zombicide! Sexy Ladies of the Night II (Painted Walkers Zombies)

Hello all,
So, the frenzy of the Kickstarter is almost over but I've got a few painted zombies left to show. these are from the large batch I painted on the side while trying to get Goth Amy to look like she was alive and hadn't killed herself through too much make up. Thus these zombies sport clothes a bit more colourful than normally :-).

Zombicide Painted Walkers Zombies Female sexy
 This is one of the female walker zombie sculpts from Season 1. The face and body are great (actually the face is a bit scary, but I managed to be brave while painting them) and I think I've finally nailed how to paint stockings and fishnets. They look adequate for tabletop use to me and considering just how quick they are to paint I'm really pleased with the results.
Zombicide Painted Walkers Zombies Female sexy
There is a couple of things about this sculpt that annoys me - apart from the usual 'crippled-hands' syndrome, I also find it annoying that their hair is still tightly wrapped in a bun. Considering they have been attacked, fought, and are now hunting I would prefer a bit more messed up hair. But that is a small irritation.
Hope you like the paint jobs - I'm working on a 'how to speed paint a zombie in 10 minutes' post that should be finished during the next week or so.

All the best,


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