Feb 24, 2014

Hasslefree Children: Big Brother Peter will protect you!

Hello all,

Antoher of the Hasslefree children - this time it is HFA009 Peter, a hard, young boy, who looks like he has faced something dreadful in the last days:

Zombicide, Survivor, Alternative, Child, Zombie, Hasslefree, boy, brother, apocalyptic, HFA009, Peter

He is, although it may be difficult to see with the graffiti in the background - damned vandals! - armed with a crowbar and looks like he knows how to use it!

Anyways, thanks for reading - if you found the post interesting then any comments or tips are greatly appreciated!
Until the next time; stay safe and prepare to slaughter Zombies!
All the best,


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Michael - yes, he looked like he had just taken a swing at someone so I figured some gore was in order :-).


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